Friday, July 20, 2012

Updated list of ALL the Beers!

Bud Light 4.2% ABV - Light-bodied brew with a fresh, clean and subtle hop aroma, delicate malt sweetness and crisp finish for ultimate refreshment.
Budweiser 5.0% ABV - This is the famous Budweiser beer. We know of no brand produced by any other brewer which costs so much to brew and age. Our exclusive Beechwood Aging produces a taste, a smoothness and a drinkability you will find in no other beer at any price
Coors Light 3.2% ABV - A light Lager which is a rich, full-flavored lager with a deep golden color. Coors Light starts with the slow aging of its roasted malts, which are then combined with its other premium ingredients and slow-brewed to produce this exceptional, refined lager.  
Pabst Blue Ribbon 4.74% ABV - A contrasting counterpoint of sharp texture and flowing sweetness is evident at the first sip of this historic brew. A slowly increasing hoppiness adds to the interplay of ingredients, while the texture smooth’s out.  
Miller Light 4.2% ABV - A pale lager with taste of light toasted malt and a slight trace of pine/citrus.

Stella Artois 5.2% ABV - Stella Artois is a classic Belgian lager, golden in color with exceptional clarity and a spicy hop character.
Fuller’s London Pride 4.7% ABV - Fuller’s London Pride is an award-winning classic. A rich, smooth and wonderfully balanced beer, its distinctive malty base is complemented by well developed hop character, from adding Target, Challenger and Northdown varieties to the brew.
Belhaven Scottish Ale 5.2% ABV - Malty and hoppy, we at Belhaven love the classic Scottish Ale and we’ve been brewing it longer than any of the other beers we produce. Delivering a sweet, smooth and creamy finish, Scottish Ale has a stunning ruby color in the glass.
Old Speckled Hen 5.2% ABV -This brew has a full, smooth flavor and is very easy to drink. Its rich amber color and superb fruity aromas are complemented by a delicious blend of malty tastes.
Wells Banana Bread 5.2% ABV - This unique brew combines all the traditional qualities and style of a Charles Wells beer with the subtle flavour of banana. Tempting banoffee aromas tempered by a grassy, lemony nose all leading to a finely balanced, fresh, delicate flavour of peppery hops with a lingering dry finish.
Heineken 5.0% ABV - Its mildly bitter taste, fresh, fruity aroma, bright color and exceptional clarity are obtained using only the purest water, hops and barley malt.
Smithwick’s 4.5% ABV - An Irish red ale style beer, clear beer with a rich ruby color and creamy head with hints of toffee and caramel.
Unibroue Rotator (Terrible) 10.5% ABV - Dark Chestnut in color, this belgian style strong ale has rich notes of fruit and spices, perfectly balanced with subtle notes of sweet maderia wine. 
Unibroue Maudite 8.0% ABV - This strong amber ale starts out with a complex nose of oranges, corriander, cloves and a fresh floral hop hint. The nose sets you up perfectly into a body of robust matiness, balanced by an assertively crisp hop finish. 

Red Hook Longhammer IPA 6.2% ABV - Long Hammer takes the traditional IPA brewing process one step further by dry hopping, or adding hops at the end of the brewing process with Cascade hops to give a wonderful hop aroma but not the overpowering hop taste.
Red Hook Wit 5.3% ABV - Redhook’s twist on the Belgian style ale is the addition of fresh ginger, which adds a refreshing snappiness to this lighter-bodied wheat beer.
Tuckerman’s Pale 5.5% ABV - This pale ale ale is brewed with specialty malts and four types of hops. Post fermentation, it is cold conditioned and dry-hopped in lagering tanks for maximum taste and quality.
Tuckerman’s Headwall Alt 4.75% ABV - The headwall alt is brewed using German malts, plus German and American hops. Like the Pale Ale, the Headwall Alt is cold conditioned and dry-hopped, and then naturally carbonated in the bottle and keg.
Smuttynose Robust Porter 4.74% ABV - A contrasting counterpoint of sharp texture and flowing sweetness is evident at the first sip of this historic brew. A slowly increasing hoppiness adds to the interplay of ingredients, while the texture smooth’s out.  
Smuttynose Star Island Single 4.7% ABV - This medium-bodied golden ale features a slight residual sweetness from Honey Malt and hints of citrus and tropical fruits from the unique Belgian yeast it is fermented with, leaving a crisp dry finish.  
Moat Mountain Hoffman Weiss 5.7 % ABV - A traditional Bavarian-style wheat beer, it is a unique unfiltered golden beer with both a fruity and spicy flavor profile derived from the traditional Bavarian yeast strain that is used. It has a low hop bitterness yet is big on flavor. Some serve with a lemon slice. Available year-round
Moat Mountain Violet B’s Blueberry 4.5 % ABV - American-style ale, clean and crisp with a gentle fruit finish and a medium blueberry nose.
Redhook Copperhook 5.8% ABV - This brilliant copper colored ale has distinctive caramel notes and a clean refreshing finish. The light maltiness and pleasant noble hop aroma make it the perfect beer to satisfy all your cravings.
Redhook ESB 5.8% ABV - This is a rich, distinctive ale with a brilliant copper color, remarkable aromas and unique balance of flavors. Not your average amber ale, ESB is more flavorful and satisfying.
Redhook American Independence Ale 5.2% ABV - Part of The Backyard Series, refreshing American Style Pale Ale made using locally grown and malted barley and hops. New England’s Warthog wheat gives the beer body and a dense head that holds the citrus and floral aromas from Simcoe, Zeus and brewery-grown Nugget hops. The medium-bodied pale ale is golden in color and the combination of the hops, wheat and two-row malts gives the beer citrus, pine, floral notes and a dry finish.
Bar Harbor Blueberry 5.2% ABV - The addition of fresh wild Maine blueberries in this light ale yields a subtle blueberry aroma, without the sweet aftertaste. A mixture of the following; Mutton malts, pale, crystal, and Munich, are combined with wheat to give this ale its lighter body, and we only use minimal amounts of Target and Willamette hops.  
Geary’s Hampshire Ale 7.0% ABV - Hampshire has a huge toasted malt flavor balanced by assertive hoppiness. The finish is long and lingering with the malt and hop notes blending with alcohol warmth. 
Geary’s Seasonal (Summer) 6.0% ABV - A German Kolsch: full bodied with a spicy hop tang and a rich, crystal clear golden color. 
Sebago Frye’s Leap-Frye’s Leap IPA 6.0% ABV - An American-style India Pale Ale with a strong hop flavor and aroma. Frye’s Leap IPA gets its fruity hoppiness from extra dry hop conditioning. We pour 1 pound of hops per barrel directly into the conditioning tank and let hops release their oils into the beer. This creates the pronounced floral aroma. 
Sebago Hefeweizen 4.4% ABV - A golden unfiltered wheat beer fermented with a traditional German yeast strain which produces a unique spicy fruitiness and wonderful carbonation. Malted red wheat gives a light crisp body & dense white head.  
Ipswich Original Ale 5.4% ABV - Ipswich Ale is a medium-bodied, unfiltered English style pale ale with subtle hoppiness and a smooth malty flavor.
Ipswich Summer Seasonal 4.9% ABV - Light-bodied, unfiltered Blonde ale that retains the bold flavors typical of an Ipswich Ale, our Summer Ale is light enough for a hot summer day and can satisfy even the most scorching thirst. 
Shipyard Signature Rotator (Smashed Blueberry) 9.0% ABV - This Imperial Porter-Scotch Ale Hybrid starts out with huge notes of dark chocolate, with a rich velvety mouth leads you into a subtly sweet hint of fresh Maine blueberries serving as a perfect bridge flavor into a balanced dry and delightful roasted coffee finish. 
Smuttynose IPA 6.9% ABV - Citrusy hop flavor coming from a mixture of Simcoe and Santiams hops is pleasantly balanced by a smooth bitterness from the Amarillo hops. The beer itself is light bodied and crisp with a golden color that will throw a slight haze, as it is unfiltered. 
Smuttynose Old Brown Dog 6.7% ABV - Cited as a classic example of the “American Brown Ale” compared to a typical English Brown Ale, Old Brown Dog is fuller-bodied and more strongly hopped. 
Smuttynose Summerweizen 5.46% ABV - Light, tasty & full of character, our wheat ale is brewed with a combination of domestic and continental wheat and barley malts, lightly hopped & fermented with a Belgian wit yeast, resulting in a delightfully tangy & refreshing flavor.  

Shock Top Belgian White Ale 5.2% ABV - As an unfiltered Belgian-style wheat ale, this beer is naturally cloudy with a light golden color.
Hoegarden 4.9% ABV - The original Belgian White Ale.  The key to Hoegaarden’s unique, refreshing flavor and spicy nose is real Curaçao orange peel with a hint of coriander
Allagash White 5.0% ABV - This traditional Belgian wheat beer is perfectly spiced with Coriander and Curacao orange peel, while finishing crisp and clean. 
Boulder Sweaty Betty - Sweaty Betty Blonde is our Bavarian-style weiss beer, unfiltered with subtle hints of clove and banana. 5.9%
Longtrail Blackberry Wheat 4.0% ABV - A hint of blackberry at the finish makes this beer a real thirst quencher. For the health conscious, blackberry wheat has less than 6 grams of carbs and under 125 calories per serving.
Harpoon UFO Raspberry 4.7% ABV - The scent of fresh raspberries hits the nose immediately, along with a subtle bready aroma from the wheat and yeast. The body is light and the unfiltered yeast provides a soft mouth feel. The taste of the fruit compliments the beer nicely. There is a faint sweetness on the palate, which finishes cleanly in a semi-dry, tart finish.
Blue Moon 5.4% ABV - A Belgium Witte beer brewed with Valencia orange peel for a subtle sweetness. Oats and wheat create a smooth, creamy finish that’s inviting to the palate. As a final touch, we garnish the beer with an orange slice to heighten the citrus aroma and taste. 
Curios Traveler Shandy 4.8% ABV - A fresh, bold year-round, craft-brewed, all malt wheat ale infused with real lemons and limes. This Shandy has a lively fruity flavor and a powerful “throw your head back” fresh lemon aroma. In short – It’s Quite a Refresher!  
Ommegang Witte 5.2% ABV - Witte is pleasantly light on the tongue, balanced between malt and wheat sweetness. Hops and spice with a subtle clove note backed by flavors of lemon and sweet orange give way to a dry, crisp, refreshing finish. 
Flying Dog In Heat Wheat 4.7% ABV - Light in body with a smooth consistency. Upfront splash of tart lemon, spicy clove follows, with a thin malty sweetness and faint touch of caramel malts to finish. 
Breckenridge Agave Wheat 4.2% ABV - This true American-style unfiltered wheat has something a little special, the nectar of the great Salmiana Agave. Agave complements the refreshingly light quality of our wheat and adds a subtle note of flavor that expands this beer’s uplifting taste profile. It is familiar, yet creative.

Harpoon Cider 4.8% ABV - Made from a blend of locally grown apples including the New England favorite. By fermenting this blend of varieties with our own yeast we are able to produce an aroma that has a clean, fruity character. This crisp, refreshing cider has just the right balance of ripe apple sweetness and tartness from the fruit’s natural acidity.
Woodchuck Cider Amber 5.0% ABV - The original Woodchuck is made from a blend of apples and fermented with champagne yeast to produce a great crisp and refreshing tasting product. 

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout 5.2% ABV - Young’s Double Chocolate Stout has it all, delivering a satisfying, indulgent taste without ever becoming overly sweet. Pale Ale and Crystal malt, Chocolate Malt, a special blend of sugars, fuggle and golding hops, real dark chocolate and chocolate essence are combined to deliver a stout with with real credentials.
Guinness 4.25% ABV - A distinctive feature is the burnt flavour that is derived from roasted unmalted barley. The beer’s thick, creamy head comes from mixing the beer with nitrogen when poured. 
Allagash Black ABV 7.5% - Belgian style stout brewed with 2 row barley, wheat,oats,roasted and chocolate malt and caramelized candied sugar. 
Shipyard Blue Fin ABV 4.7% - Classic Irish stout full bodied and smooth with subtle hints of roasted coffee, finishing with great malt notes and slight hop components.  
Breckenridge Vanilla Porter 4.7% ABV - An ale that has all the chocolate and roasted nut flavor of a classic Porter, with an enigmatic surprise thrown in for good measure, real vanilla bean. Breckenridge Brewery’s Vanilla Porter. A vanilla kiss in a rich, dark sea. 
Victory  Storm King Stout 9.1% ABV - This Russian Imperial Stout has a huge Northwest hop and & aroma character upfront, Storm King subsides into massive, roast malt complexity. Rich and substantial, it will warm your heart. 
Berkshire Coffehouse Porter 6.2% ABV - This rich, dark ale takes BBC’s Drayman’s Porter and adds Dean’s Beans organic coffee to the mix, creating an enticing blend of everyone’s favorite beginning and end of day beverages. Robust and aromatic, Coffeehouse Porter is sure to please, no matter what time of day you choose to enjoy it.
Northcoast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout 9.0% ABV - Produced in the tradition of 18th Century English brewers who supplied the court of Russia’s Catherine the Great, Old Rasputin seems to develop a cult following wherever it goes. It’s a rich, intense brew with big complex flavors and a warming finish.
Allagash Curieux 11% ABV - Belgian style triple meticulously aged in Jim Beam bourbon barrels. It’s subtle earthy notes smoothly give way to undertones of vanilla oak and sweetness. This beer finishes nicely with a touch of jim beam. 

Magic Hat #9 5.1% ABV - Dry, crisp, and refreshing, not-quite pale ale. #9 is really impossible to describe because there’s nothing else quite like it with hints of Apricot and citrus. 
Flying Dog Pale Ale ABV 5.5% - Grassy, citrus and perfume of hop aromas with subtly sweet hops. 
Kona Firerock Pale 5.9% ABV - Fire Rock Pale Ale is a crisp, refreshing “Hawaiian-style” pale ale. Its signature copper color results from the unique blend of specialty roasted malts. The pronounced citrus-floral hop aroma comes from the liberal amounts of Galena, Cascade & Mt. Hood hops added to each brew.
Berkshire Steel Rail Pale Ale 5.3% ABV - A light colored, medium bodied ale exhibiting exceptional freshness through its 2-Row Pale malt backbone and signature hop flavor and aroma. In the words of renowned beer writer Lew Bryson, this is “what the water in heaven oughta taste like.”
Goose Island Honkers ESB 4.2% ABV - Inspired by visits to English country pubs, it combines a fruity hop aroma with a rich malt middle to create a perfectly balanced beer. Immensely drinkable, Honker’s Ale is not only the beer you can trust but one you’ll look forward to time and again
Sierra Nevada Pale ale 5.6%ABV - It has a deep amber color and an exceptionally full-bodied, complex character. Generous quantities of premium Cascade hops give the Pale Ale its fragrant bouquet and spicy flavor.  
Wachusett Country Pale 5.1% ABV - A smooth and balanced golden mild ale. Slight malt and low bitterness with a smooth finish make it very drinkable. Built with 4 grains and 4 northwestern hops. 
Six Point Righteous Rye 6.5% ABV - This beer uses a proportion of rye in the mash which lends an unmistakable sharp and distinct flavor. Seasoned with pungent American hops, this beer is our designated “beer drinkers” beer. 
Oskar Blues Dales Pale Ale 6.5% ABV - Dale’s Pale Ale is our flagship beer and America’s first hand-canned craft beer. It’s an assertive but deftly balanced beer (somewhere between an American pale ale and an India Pale Ale) brewed with hefty amounts of European malts and American hops. It features a meringue-like head, a copper color, and a hoppy nose.
Maine Beer Co. Peeper 5.5% ABV - An American-style ale brewed one barrel at a time. The malt bill is built on American two-row malt and accented by crystal 10, Vienna, and white wheat malts. Magnum hops give the beer a nice clean bittering and Amarillo, Cascade, and Centennial hop varieties provide a pleasant floral and citrusy hop flavor. A healthy dose of additional Amarillo and Centennial are dry hopped to give this beer an inviting hop aroma. 

Widmer Brothers Dark Saison 5.5%ABV - Inspired by the classic French farmhouse ale, this interpretation of the Saison style gets its dark color and deep ruby hue from a hint of caramel and dark chocolate malts. While the beer is darker than many examples of the style, the citrus spice of Saaz hops provides a perfect balance of complex fruity esters with earthy and spicy notes. Dark Saison finishes slightly tart with a drying, clean, and pepper-like finish.
Brooklyn Rotator (Golden Standard) Brewmaster series Limited ABV 6.2% - A more robust then Pilsner unfiltered export with floral finish.
Brooklyn Lager ABV 5.2% - Amber and gold in color that displays a firm malt with bitterness and floral hop aroma.  
Rouge Dead Guy ABV 6.5% - A German Maibock, with proprietary Pacman ale yeast. Deep honey in color with a malty aroma and a rich hearty flavor. 
Rogue Kells Irish Lager ABV 5% - An Irish style lager with a smooth mellow flavor and an apple crisp finish.
Rogue (Rotator) Chipotle Ale ABV 5.5% - Roasted chipotle peppers produce an eye opening chile flavor in this deep golden ale with a malty, smoky aroma and smooth, crisp flavor. 
Blue Point Toasted Lager ABV 5.5% - Balanced flavor of malt and hops makes for easy drinking and the special lager yeast produces an exceptional, long-lasting smooth finish.  
Sea Dog Blueberry ABV 4.6% - A  huge nose of fresh Maine blueberries starts this filtered wheat ale leading you into slight straw and grain notes followed by a delightful blueberry sweetness. It finishes crisp and clean on your palate and will leave you wanting more. 
Oskar Blues Mama’s Yellow Pils 5.3% ABV - A delicious, small-batch version of the beer that made Pilsen, Czechoslovakia famous. Mama’s is made with hearty amounts of pale malt, German specialty malts, and traditional (Saaz) and 21st century Bavarian hops. Their first canned lager, it’s also fermented at cool temperatures with a German yeast. 
Peak King Crimson 9.5% ABV - An Imperial Red Ale that delivers a royal bounty of luscious, fruity American hops on top of a sturdy, deep red malt backbone. This beer is lavishly dry-hopped with Simcoe, adding a citrusy and piney flavor and aroma to the toasty, sweet malt notes.
Northcoast Scrimshaw Pilsner 4.4% ABV - Named for the delicate engravings popularized by 19th century seafarers, Scrimshaw is a fresh tasting Pilsner brewed in the finest European tradition using Munich malt and, Hallertauer and Tettnang hops. Scrimshaw has a subtle hop character, a crisp, clean palate, and a dry finish.
Northcoast Redseal Ale 5.5% ABV - Malt and hops are beautifully married in this full-bodied, copper-red Pale Ale. Red Seal is generously hopped for a long, spicy finish. It is an excellent accompaniment to grilled meats and rich sauces.
Northcoast Le Merle 7.9% ABV - Le Merle is a rustic ale, pale in color, inspired by the rich brewing traditions of the Flanders region. Abundant hops and a Belgian yeast strain contribute exotic aromas of tropical fruit.
Harpoon Bohemian Pilsner 4.7% ABV - Follows the age-old tradition of extended lagering to help produce a smooth yet complex beer. The blend of European malts is balanced with Tettnang and Saaz hops to create a slightly malty beer with a crisp finish.
Sam Adams Rotator (Norse Legend) 7.0% ABV - Deep amber in color, aroma and flavor comes from aging on a bed of juniper berries. The herbal, woodsy, and ripe citrus character of the juniper enlivens a sturdy and smooth malt backbone for a fresh and flavorful brew.  
Stone Arrogant Bastard 7.2% ABV - Big malty sweetness with caramel, chocolate and toasted/roasted flavors. Alcohol prickliness teases the palate then the brew kicks its ass with an assertive hop profile.  Finishes with a lingering sweetness, caramel, roasted coffee. 
Belfast Bay Lobster Red 5% ABV - Robust fruity palate packed with an apple-pear character with a nice malty backbone.  
Dogfish Head Rotator (Festina Peche) 4.5% ABV - A Berliner weisse by style this beer will start out slightly sweet, and finishing true to style and slightly tart.  
Mayflower Golden Ale 4.7% ABV - A crisp and dry with a slight malt flavor and a subtle hop spice. This straw-colored ale provides easy drinkability for the novice yet plenty of flavor for the most discriminating connoisseur. 
Mayflower - Rotating
Sam Adams Boston Lager 4.9%ABV - A medium bodied, amber colored lager, with a malty sweetness that finishes with a nice hoppy whack. 
Oskar Blue Old Chub 8.0% ABV - Light tasting and yummy somewhat sweet tastes of malt for such a high percentage beer
Switchback Ale 5.0% ABV - Reddish-amber ale, five different malts, select hop varieties, and our own specially cultivated yeast create an ale which leads with hop flavors and a subtle impression of fruit, followed by a palate pleasing malty finish. 

Magic Hat Elder Betty 5.5% ABV - A golden haze for a summer’s daze. Elder Betty is a weiss-style ale with a bready malt flavor balanced by a touch of hops and complimented by the tart berry flavors of elderberry.
Sam Seasonal 5.3% ABV - Brewed with wheat malt, lemon zest, and Grains of Paradise, a West African spice, to add a peppery, citrus note that enhances the taste of lemon peel and notes of tropical fruits. 
Shipyard Summer ABV 4.8% - Golden color mellow malted wheat flavor with less hoppy characteristics with a clean and cool taste. Its like a taste of summer from the tap.
Wachusett Summer 4.6% ABV - Straw colored wheat ale with a white head. Hint of lemon makes this a refreshing beverage. Get your lawn chair and relax. Built with 2 grains, a good amount of wheat and 3 hops. 
Longtrail Belgian White 4.7% ABV -  Modeled after the original Belgian Witbiers brewed in monasteries during the early 14th century. The soft notes of citrus & spice are topped with a light, fluffy head, finishes clean and crisp.
Peak Summer Sessions 5.0% ABV - A traditional summer wheat beer marries a West Coast pale ale. Locally grown wheat provides a complex mouth feel and Amarillo® dry hopping gives a citrusy aroma.
Goose Island Summertime 4.7% ABV - The color of sunshine, with a light fruity aroma and a hint of fruity acidity, Goose Island Summertime is the perfect summer session ale. A Kölsch beer brewed in the traditional German fashion.
Harpoon Summer 5.0% ABV - This is a beer brewed to be enjoyed with summertime activities. It is light, refreshing, and crisp.
Sierra Nevada Summerfest 4.1% ABV - A refreshing, pilsner-style lager, its incredible smoothness comes from an extra-long lagering period. Lighter in body than our ales but just as complex in character, Summerfest quenches your thirst with big aroma and a tangy hop bite.  

Dogfish Head 60 min. IPA ABV 6% - A powerful but balanced East Coast IPA with a lot of citrusy hop character, continuously hopped with 60 hop additions over a 60 minute boil. 
Shipyard Monkey Fist IPA ABV 6.9% -American/West Coast Hybrid style IPA copper in color exploding with warrior and cascade hop notes. Slightly malty, but aggressively dry and bitter, while finishing pleasantly hoppy.  
Green Flash imperial IPA ABV 9.0% - San Diego-style IPA, as it has come to be known by many, is super-hoppy, high gravity, yet highly quaffable ale. Our Imperial IPA is created in this new tradition with intense hop flavors and aromas from a unique blend of Summit and Nugget hops. It’s all about the hops! 
Six Point Bengali Tiger ABV 6.7% - Our tribute to the bounty of domestic hops. Four different hop varieties grown in the Pacific Northwest provide this ale with a robust citrus flavor and aroma that is perfectly balanced by a generous amount of malt flavor. 
Lagunitas IPA 6.2% ABV - Made with 43 different hops and 65 various malts, this redolent ale will likely float your boat, whatever planet you’re on.
Blue Point Hoptical illusion ABV 6.8% -  The delicious, resiny, citrus-burst that you taste is the “Essence of the Hop” which is balanced by a malty backbone yielding an intense, golden ale. 
Widmer Pitch Black 6.5% ABV - Almost a traditional IPA but it is instead brewed to the emerging style of Cascadian Dark. We add a modest amount of a specially made debittered black malt to give this IPA a very dark color but without the characteristic dark malt flavors. Pitch Black IPA is hopped generously in the brewhouse and then again later during the dry hopping process
Peak Hop Noir 8.2% ABV - Hop Noir is a delectable Black IPA, dripping with piney, aromatic Centennial hops. The malt base is dark and rich, anchored by organic black malt. This provides a strong foundation for the extravagant kettle hopping and dry-hopping that this beer experiences.
Harpoon Rich and Dan’s Rye IPA 6.9% ABV - A fruity, subtly spicy aroma, a full mouth feel and a crisp dry finish. This is a relatively new style in that it is a combination of IPA and rye which is more of an American concept.
Stone IPA 6.9% ABV - Medium malt character with a heavy dose of over the top hops! Generous “dry hopping” gives this beer its abundant hop aroma and crisp flavor. 
Wachusett Green Monster IPA 6.5% ABV - Play ball! Bigger than average on all counts. This strong pale ale goes down easy so beware. Creamy head and lingering hop flavor. If your worried it’s OK to leave the light on. Overbuilt with 5 malts and 6 additions of 3 American hops. Has a bit of rye in it as well.
Southern Tier 2x IPA 8.2% ABV - Not quite an imperial, but certainly not a standard India pale ale. This double IPA is citrusy & clean, a hop lovers dream. 
Oskar Blues  Deviant Dales 8.0% ABV - Aggressively dry-hopped with Columbus hops. Unfiltered Dale’s Pale Ale with a deviant twist. 


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Updated Beer list!!!

I only count 114 beers, but it's a start!  Add a beer if it's not there!

Track the beers you and your friends have had!

Alphabetized Beer List spreadsheet for tracking your beers!

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Monday, July 2, 2012

The Thirsty Moose has 116 beers on draught...

Here are the first 70:

1. Red Hook Copper Hook
3. RH Backyard series
4. Widmer Pitch Black
5. Kona Seasonal
6. Kona Firerock Pale
7. Longtrail seasonal
8. Peak Seasonal
9. Peak hop noir
10. Peak Small batch
11. Berkshire Coffeehouse
12. Berkshire Steel Rail
13. Northcoast Scrimshaw
14. Northcoast Lemerle
15. Northcoast Rasputin
16. Northcoast Redseal
17. Goose Island Honkers
18. Goose Island Seasonal
19. Goose Island Sophie
20. Harpoon Bohemian Pilsner
21. Harpoon UFO
22. Harpoon seasonal
23. Harpoon rich and dales
24. Sam Adams Rotator
25. Bar harbor blueberry
26. Blue Moon
27. Geary’s Hampshire Ale
28. Geary’s Seasonal
29. Miller light
30. Sebago Frye’s leap
31. Sebago seasonal
32. Sierra Nevada Pale ale
33. Sierra Nevada Seasonal
34. Stone IPA
35. Stone Arrogant Bastard
36. Curios Traveler Shandy
37. Ipswich Original ale
38. Ipswich Seasonal
39. Ommegang Rotator
40. Belfast bay lobster red
41. Allagash Curieux
42. Dogfish Raison D’etra
43. Dogfish Specialty
44. Flying Dog In Heat Wheat
45. Shipyard Smashed pumpkin
46. Unibroue Specialty
47. Unibroue Maudite
48. Wachusett Summer
49. Wachusett Green Monster IPA
50. Wachusett Country Pale
51. Six Point Sweet Action
52. Six Point righteous Rye
53. Oskar Blues Deviant Dales
54. Oskar Blues Dales Pale ale
55. Oskar Blue Old Chub
56. Southern Tier 2x IPA
57. White Birch Hop Session
58. Breckenridge Agave Wheat
59. Maine Beer Co. Pepper
60. Smuttynose IPA
61. Smuttynose Old Brown Dog
62. Smuttynose Big beer series
63. Tuckerman’s Headwall Alt
64. Harpoon Cider
65. Hoegarrden
66. Young’s Chocolate Stout
67. Fullers London Pride
68. Belhaven Scottish Ale
69. Old speckled Hen
70. Wells banana bread